Biography of Heather Stack, Founder & SEND Consultant, HM Stack Consulting

CEO & Founder,  The Local Offer

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I have been an independent education consultant (SEN & Disability) since 2001, launching Learning Services (SEN) Ltd, a service for schools in Warwickshire & Oxfordshire for over eight years.  In 2012 HM Stack Consulting was formed to develop a more specialist range of services for public, private and third sector providers in SEND, incorporating work at national policy level and at a local level, with schools, parent partnership organisations, andthe training and conference sector.

I strive always to work in collaboration with other providers or services, with mutual respect and with passion, to achieve and deliver excellence in provision, policy and practice.

I have specialist knowledge of children and young people with learning difficulties, (GLD/MLD/SLD); Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & Asperger Syndrome (AS) and behaviour, emotional & social development (BESD). I work across 0 – 25 years, offering a range of consultancy services and support within early years, the schools sector and post-16 providers, including those specialist providers for complex needs placements.

My specialist knowledge and interest lies in the following fields:

  • Children’s reading development and literacy dfficulties
  • Emotional well-being, special educational needs and cultural engagement
  • The needs of Service Children and the impact of deployment and parental absence
  • Understanding co-morbidity of need, including children with multiplicity of SEN
  • Auditing SEN provision, practice and policy within a given educational context, public, private or third sector
  • Emotional well-being, disadvantage and deprivation
  • Self concept, self belief and self confidence

Services include:

At a local level:

Individual pupil assessment and support, including support for parents & carers, schools & the wider school community

Support for schools to implement the SEND reforms and transition to single plans and the Education, Health and Care Plans

Annual, termly or ad hoc service level agreements with schools to deliver SEND support & consultancy services at whole school level, including assessment, training, policy reviews, whole school SEND reviews, parent participation projects & staff-group specific workshops and support

Support for local organisations, including the Carers Network, Parent Partnership & other community and voluntary sector groups.

School improvement through a focus on SEND provision, policy and practice

At a regional and national level:

Speaking engagements on national policy initiatives, including the SEND reforms, personal budgets, EHC plans, the Early Years Foundation Stage, needs of Service Children and a broad range of themes within special educational needs & disability

On-line consultancy support, report writing & analysis, conference calls and market insights at national and international level via several web-based consulting platforms.

Training events and workshops within SEN and Cultural Engagement to the Museums & Heritage sector.

National Conferences, Symposiums & Seminars:

It is always a great privilege and delight to be invited to speak at national policy based conferences.

I speak regularly for the Westminster Education Forum and Public Policy Exchange and more recently, for Forum Business Media and the Service Children’s Support Network.  Recent speaking engagements have been on the New Early Years Foundation Stage (April 2013), the Impact of Service Life on Young Children, (October 2013), Personal Budgets (March & April 2014).

I have the capacity to give an unbiased view, free from any particular policy objective or employer agenda and that creates considerable freedom to speak on behalf of those children and young people who remain most vulnerable in our society. 

I feel that I am quite blessed in that my work is endlessly diverse, always interesting, varied and purposeful.

Clients past and present include

  • Schools including primary & secondary schools through termly, annual or ad hoc service level agreements;
  • Schools 4 – 18 years in the private sector within West Midlands;
  • The conference industry, including Westminster Education Forum, Public Policy Exchange, CIPFA
  • The Service Children’s Support Network (SCSN) with a speaking engagement at their Annual Conference on Early Years in October 2013
  • Ofqual (the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator) reporting on the Foundation Stage Profile assessment model
  • HP Contracts (Birmingham) Ltd as Inclusion Consultant working with Bovis Lend Lease & Birmingham City Council (Building Schools for the Future, Birmingham City Council)
  • Training provider for National Connexions Network, London Conference and regional training events
  • National Carers Network delivering local workshops for parents of young people with SEN including Keeping Sane workshops for parents and carers
  • Harper Collins Publishing providing training for CPD events on supporting struggling readers
  • Specialist schools and colleges within the private and third sector
  • OSIRIS Educational as a training provider
  • National Training Resources Ltd providing workshops for post-16 education, employment & training providers
  • The Natural History Museum, London as a training provider – Understanding SEN in Children & Young People
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum as a training provider for SEN, Emotional Wellbeing & Cultural Engagement
  • GEM West Midlands as a training consultant and provider on SEN, Emotional Wellbeing & Cultural Engagement
  • The Museums and Galleries sector delivering a range of training events on SEN & Wellbeing themes

children_readingI am committed to providing high quality consultancy services working with or on behalf of children and young people with special educational needs and/or disability, mindful always of developing effective partnerships to achieve excellence in provision, policy and practice.

To discuss your support or consultancy needs, please contact me on 




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    • Many thanks for your very kind response to my blog and my posts. It is good to know that somewhere, out there, is a reader, and a sympathetic one, too. Very kind regards, Heather


  1. Hello Lisa.
    Very many thanks for your comment, and I shall be delighted if you do come back often. There is so much happening in SEN at the moment – but agree, it is difficult knowing where to start sometimes. Regards, x


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