On turning tragedy into triumph, A level results, UCAS, clearing and the need to re-frame thoughts.


On A level results day in the UK, sharing a post that I hope will be helpful to those who have not achieved the grades they anticipated.

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Teenager unhappy (2)

Sharing a post from August 2014, on A level results day in the UK, with a post-script one year on.

“Facebook is not a good place, at times like this.”

Most often writing in a professional capacity, I am blurring the lines here between professional and personal as I share thoughts on A level results, UCAS and the clearing process from first hand experience, or rather, share (with my daughter’s consent) something of our experiences on Thursday 14th August 2014 – A level results day in the UK.

My daughter did not achieve the grades she needed for her first choice university, or her insurance choice and the message displayed as she logged into UCAS in the early hours of Thursday morning was one of rejection. It is a stark message that sugar-coats nothing at all, but marks the passage-way to clearing.

I would like to say I was there…

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