On holidays, Summer and that end of term feeling


Portrait of happy pretty mixed race child by side of poolI feel a pang of envy today (Friday 18th July) for my colleagues and counterparts in schools and local authorities across the country, whereby this day marks the end of term and the real start of Summer.

I gave up the luxury of the long Summer holidays in 2002, when I first launched out as Director of Learning Services (SEN) Ltd, bringing an independent special educational needs consultancy service to a number of schools in Warwickshire and North Oxfordshire. Goodness, how long ago that seems, before delegated budgets and an open market-place for services were the norm.

There are many things that compensate that loss of the privilege of the school holidays – but at the moment, in this glorious extended heat wave – I have to confess it seems hard to consider what they might be! As a small business owner, it is wholly impractical to neglect the day to day operations of the service over an extended period of time, but I shall be taking time out over August, without guilt or concern, and will steel myself not to be checking emails from my iphone in the duration, or my LinkedIn account, or my newly acquired Google Plus business profile (which intrigues me so!)

For families, reaching the long and weary term end, that age old complaint of what to do with the children over the Summer holidays has only just begun, and in many homes there will be as many tears and fraught tempers, as smiles and joy, as routines are shaken and pressure is put on working parents, and families with school-aged children.

Returning to my roots, I shall be posting each week (sans a week or two…) a series of articles on how to maintain a few routines over the Summer, and how to explore the new, for parents of children with a range of special educational needs, appreciating how challenging this time can be.

I do miss my end of term visits to The Works, where, in support of a number of primary schools, a great array of low-cost resources can be bought which help stave off concerns for the child who is reluctant to read, or is struggling to keep up with peers, or who has found the transition from foundation to key stage one, or two,  problematic. In many schools, with families desperate to know what can be done to support their child over the long Summer holiday, such resources can be a highly useful and effective alternative to sending home school text and work books and have the added appeal of being something new.

Watch this space! I shall back soon with ideas and a few thoughts to inspire you and your children over the Summer.

Meanwhile, may your days be blessed and your family content.

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For more information to support parents of children with special educational needs, please visit –

The Local Offer website –http://www.thelocaloffer.co.uk/one-page-profiles  or follow my articles and posts on LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=12045757&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile





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