On children, wellbeing and the rewards of making a difference


An update on an earlier post on my work in the Museums and Heritage sector.

Frontier news

I am returning to a theme and series of contractual engagements that have pleased me immensely. I would be very pleased to take on further contracts in this field, and am open to invitation!

In 2011 – 2013 I ran a series of half and whole day training events for the Museums and Heritage sector on SEN, Emotional Well-being and Cultural Engagement.

This training represented a departure from the usual realms of my consultancy service, but has its foundations in a rather lovely commission of some years prior, to deliver training and raise awareness of the breadth of special educational needs in mainstream schools, for the Natural History Museum, London –  http://www.nhm.ac.uk/

At that time, my focus was to raise awareness amongst museum educator staff of the diversity of need within mainstream school settings. As part of the pre-event planning, I had an opportunity to meet museum staff in both the…

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About HMStack

Independent Education Consultant (SEND) delivering local, regional and national services to providers within the public, private and third sector. Passionate about creating the context for positive change working with and on behalf of children, young people and their families, the conference and public policy sector and training organisations. An eclectic mix of clients includes schools and other educational settings, museums and heritage, service children and British Armed Forces support organisations and providers across the public, private and third sector. Educational writer, blogger and philosopher and aspiring screenwriter, inspired by drama and literary adaptations.

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